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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3-25-08: PetSmart Inc.

Got up, showered, took photos of mist on the lake, dried out the gear and headed for South Carolina with a quick stop outside the local library to send off some words and pictures to the Internet.

You don’t realize how big these corporations are until you cruise the country and see the same name brands again and again. Big stores like Lowes or Home Depot in town after town after town. I saw one today called PetSmart and started thinking about all the misplaced parentalism along with the infantile narcissism that humans are fermenting. Thinking about the little dog bite I got yesterday and whether dogs know what I think of the whole pet doggy scam. Thinking about whether the pet is smart or the pet owner dumb. Just then here comes a collie mix weaving back and forth across the center line in the middle of the Interstate against the 70 mile an hour traffic. Cars and semis are swerving and braking. I think I saw it dodge off the road and up the embankment in the rear view mirror.

Interstate highways taking me north and east and into the land of no leaves on the trees. When I got a little more than halfway to my next target destination I looked on the map for a park and found one. Cheaha State Park. The highest point in Alabama at 2400 feet. I know, not that high. Still, it’s going to be cold tonight.

I took some photos of the sunset from a tower and chatted with other people who came and went. Home to my “Semi Primitive” camp site and wrote this and picked a couple photos. Cold already but happy no less.


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