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I have been around for a long time now. I never expected to have to suffer the humiliation of growing old but it seems to have suddenly caught up with me the Christmas of 1993 at age fifty four and a half. I have lived my life with such recklessness that it is somehow unfair that I should have to suffer the decline of old age and watch my abilities decrease. Nevertheless, I continue to follow my heart in a childlike way which process has cast me up on the shores of computerism.

I like computers and what they promise. I'm not at all convinced they really deliver yet. It is fun to try to make technology do what we want. People can get mighty gloomy about the future. Computers are a bright spot as we look forward. They are as idiosyncratic as people and encourage individuality (much in contrast to the visions of early mainframe sci-fi.) They make information so liquid that it leaks out of control and makes totalitarianism newly difficult. I have a mystic trust that the Web is destiny intertwining us--urging us to trancend our individual selves.

My background is long and twisted: Hot rodder, engineering student, jazz musician, blue water sailor, drug "experimenter," mechanic, beatnik, liberal arts student, rock musician, greyhound breeder/trainer, commercial pilot, encyclopedia salesman, drunk, machinist, guerrilla gardener, father, and, of late, a self-discoverer, recovering addict, bookmobile driver, boat builder, multimedia developer, corporate president, community networker, talk-radio host, reference librarian, and web developer.

For fun I fly performance stunt kites, listen to Jazz, talk to my daughters, look at the sky, spend sky-high quality time with my soulmate, and read and read.

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