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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4-7-08: Look, A Turtle!

The plan was to just hang out in the tent and rest and read but I went to the visitor center instead and bought a bird book. This alerted me to the fact that there was a problem with my main credit card so I went to the nearest public library and between the Internet and a whole lot of cell phone time I got it straightened out.

So I went for another walk in the park and re-visited Wise Lake for another layer of pride to be removed. I walked some more and took some photos though it was drizzling rain and there wasn’t much visible wildlife. Or I’m not seeing it. Other people on the trail are taking pictures and pointing out warblers. My attention is on the big abstractions whirling around inside my mind. So I sat on the bench at Weston Lake and tried to pay attention. Nothing. Two tour bus drivers came down the walk. One looked down into the water and said: “Look, a turtle.”

The sun appeared around four as I went back to the campsite for lentil soup and pretzels. There were brilliant bluebirds and butterflies but I didn’t need to capture the joy of them and show it to you to prove I’m special. I’m not.


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