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Monday, May 5, 2008

5-5-08: Wow

Cinco de Mayo was relaxed and nice and filled with much appreciation for the beautiful world I find myself in. I had six eggs and toast for breakfast. I know its a lot but the first three tasted so good . . .

I drove over to the Nantahala again. The mountains along the way are just too brilliant to describe. I made myself familiar with the scene at Nantahala Outdoor Center ( and found a place there with free camping and set up my tent. They allow public access to their wi-fi too so that is how this got uploaded along with the last days since the twenty-ninth.

Then I went exploring and photo shooting up the river. After going way up the river I see what’s happening here. There is a huge lake which feeds the river and allows it to be an ideal training ground for white water for the whole season. I also found some free isolated camping spots where I will likely go tomorrow night. Anyway between the white water and the hatchery trout they have a monster industry here plus hydroelectric power from the same source. Wow. Is it all about power? I was thinking today that my canoe trip and these river runners are also petroleum powered. Sure the canoe is a nice ride but the petroleum carries us upstream.


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