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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2-27-08: Back To The Matrix

Up early, and had a visit from a young coyote right by my tent. Maybe this inter-species schmoozing is something that is going around. I ate breakfast, and paid for the adventure. Said goodbyes and hit the long dusty road. Strange, it seemed a lot worse coming here. I guess I was more nervous than I knew. Of course I had no idea what was around the next bend. En route I got an interesting shot of evaporating salt flats and made the trip to the motel in Mulege. I set up the computer and started to work. I’ve got to stop soon. I’m exhausted but I promised some photos to Jesus, my host at the camp. So that means I have to parse through possibly a thousand photos from the last few days. Very few were keepers. Not up to my usual percent at all. I think the emotional aspect of the whale encounters made me shoot frenetically and not carefully. Maybe. Anyway, some Flickr uploads, blog on, and then maybe a backup of the computer while I’m sleeping.


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