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Thursday, March 6, 2008

3-1-08: To Junkalito

Humans have distinguished themselves by being maladaptive. We adapt the environment to us by tinkering with it. At some point we may so alter our support system that it will no longer provide for us. I suppose that is a conservative position.

In the foggy early morning hours I heard a coyote from inland, a few whale blows from the estuary, and a lot of roosters from town. A study in comparative adaption.

I was able to see a few whales this morning from a distance and quite a few whale watchers en route to the area. Some of the boats were full of screaming children having as much fun from the fast boat ride as from the whale watching. I fooled around taking bird pictures until my tent and gear finally dried out and made my way to Junkalito where I found David and Lura expecting me. They made me comfortable and fed me well.

When the sun went down I got out the computer and checked email and paid bills and checked out the recent photos until time to go to sleep.


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