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Saturday, March 15, 2008

3-14-08: How Ridiculous

A lovely morning and I packed up then took a hike up Devil’s Hall. It was nice. The canyon is flanked by magnificent high rocky mountains. The Devil’s Hall was almost like a man made passage. The photo gives a hint of the scene. The human is included for scale and to show how ridiculous we must look in general to mother nature.

Thence to the dusty road again and southward toward an invitation to visit old friends. It was so windy in a town misnamed Alpine that I was startled by a tumbleweed blowing down the railroad tracks as I crossed them. It was bigger than my car and went so fast that by the time I saw it and reacted it was long gone. There were few cars on the road. Fun to see a group of motorcycles all leaning into the wind on a straight road.

I arrived in time to shower and be presentable for a small dinner party. Nice people. Good food. Good conversation.


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