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Saturday, March 15, 2008

3-12-08: Life Is Good . . . Sometimes

I woke early in the Motel 6 so I got up even though I didn’t have that much sleep. I immersed in the computer for as long as I could and then left to get the car worked on. Derek Scott is a VW geek’s geek. He talked on the phone, solved problems for other cars that came by, chatted constantly with several people hanging around, and after a lot of hours, only one of which he charged me for, fixed more things than I had on my list and charged less than a third of what other mechanics would have. He used parts that he had gathered from other cars and knowledge he had gathered from being a VW hobbyist.

I was very gratified to get so many problems fixed in such a short time. Mostly I was just gratified to find someone who delivers what he is being hired for.

I went to the car wash and gave the little diesel a wash and wax, bought a map and hit the road toward Tuscon. The map says there is a park there. I drove through rush hour traffic in Phoenix and then through a desert sunset. It was after dark when I discovered the park I went to didn’t have camping but the map on the closed visitor center showed a county park next door with a campsite. I found it, set up my big new tent in the dark successfully thanks to my new head mounted flashlight. The air is warm and soft. There is a gentle breeze. It is very quiet and the stars are nice. Life is good.


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