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Monday, March 10, 2008

3-8-08: Tiny Cheap Plastic Accordions . . . Uh, For Sale

Up early to wash myself and my car. On the road again after checking email. Stopped occasionally for the scenery but definitely ready to be out of Mexico.

I had quite a few problems getting to the border. There was some ambiguity about the traffic signs. There was a long line and I didn’t know the drill. There were four lanes of which the middle two were in line for the border crossing. Not knowing, I took the right lane and then realized what was happening. I cajoled and begged my way into the correct lane and after quite a wait was directed to the back of the line again by a police person. So I spent altogether more than two hours waiting to get across the border.

There were lots of vendors selling things that I can’t imagine that anyone would want. Bizarre huge ceramic turtles and lots of people selling the same tiny cheap plastic accordions. Unrecognizable food. The Mexican official presence was two police types on bicycles. The US border was easy enough and I was so glad to back in the US. I have never appreciated this country more.


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