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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

4-30-08: Relaunch Next Venture

I fiddled around all day getting ready to go, saying goodbye and thanks to sister Peg. I packed the car, tried to figure out where to go and finally just picked a place name from Smoky Mountain National Park and printed out directions from Google maps. I was vaguely unsettled as I drove for the few hours it took to get to Cataloochee campground. The leaves became thinner and newer and the dogwoods were still out at the higher altitude and latitude. I guess I just felt a bit lost. Or something. I kept asking: “WHAT?” It’s something about my constant low-level complaining. Looking for proof that life sucks. Whatever for?

I checked into a lovely little campground with very few campers and a fine fast mountain creek burbling by. I made myself an excellent meal using my new ultra-light camp stove and took a great walk up the creek . . . so to speak. I wanted to get some photos of the creek before it got too dark. So I did.

While walking it occurred to me that I need to apply the same sense of wonder to my thinking that I apply to other mind-boggling mysteries like “what was the neighborhood like before the big bang,” or “why does time expand just ahead of the expansion of space in our expanding universe.” Why do I think I’m qualified to rate my thoughts—myself—good or bad. It’s all a wonderment and me no less. So there.

A short drive to check out the neighborhood and on the chance I might see an elk or bear but it yielded only gorgeous scenery.


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