Pattison on Wheels

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I broke camp an took another look at the elk viewing area but no elk. I did see a tom turkey in display.

I headed out of the park looking for another site at lower altitude so to be warmer. I stopped at a visitor center where they had advice and a large model relief map. I picked out some possibles and headed for Deep Creek. I got a short run on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a gorgeous highway built specifically for scenery. There is no commercial anything and the shoulders are mowed grass and it goes through some stunning natural beauty. Though it is a dream come true it felt a bit embarrassing in this time to treat petroleum as a recreation. Don’t you think we are running out? Not that we haven’t burned it foolishly in times past and not that we don't currently by people living in the past. But now?

I arrived at Deep Creek campground seriously ambiguous about camping vs. backpacking and then camping. I made an impulse decision and packed up my backpack and headed up Deep Creek Trail. Somewhere along the way I lost my water bottle. Not auspicious. My doubts came back. I left my backpack at the first campsite and walked back a couple miles to where I last remembered using it. No sign of it. By the time I got back to my campsite I was pretty tired.

This is when I really start to be hard on myself usually. I was worried about the water thing but solved that and several other problems one by one. I have a water filter and the trail follows a creek. I’ll be fine. Just got another slight pride haircut.


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