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Saturday, March 22, 2008

3-22-08: Eastward, Ever Eastward

The day began at dawn with lots of high pitched bird song so I got up watched a nutria swim away from my lake front property. According to the sign on the nature trail the nutria is an aquatic rodent imported from South America to control water weeds that is now a pest. I am reminded of the title of John McPhee’s excellent book: The Control Of Nature. After a shower I spent a couple hours taking photos of the mist coming off the lake at sunrise.

A look at the map shows there are few camping options in Louisiana so I picked Chicot State Park and told the GPS about it. This should be interesting. If you think I am prejudiced against Texas, Louisiana is way outside my cultural comfort zone. But actually as I crossed the river at Logansport it seemed kind of dowdy and elegant. The park was booked up for the weekend. What was I thinking? This is Louisiana! They celebrate anything and probably especially Easter. Yes there are parties being held. Back on the road again for hours finding no good deals or guidance for a place to sleep. Finally landed in a Motel 6 near Baton Rouge. Tired.


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